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VPTCP ships telescopic camera pole systems worldwide using FedEx tracked, signed for methods.

Our products are classed by FedEx as items that require additional handling (the box lengths ranges from 138cm to 193cm).

Examples of average FedEx shipping timescales:

To Europe = 5-6 working days (dependent on region)
To USA or Canada = 5-6 working days
To Australia = 5-7 working days
To Asia = 4-5 working days

Please note - if customer has urgent demand, please contact us after place order and make payments, we will try our best to meet your requirement.

  • Email:


  • Delays can be added either by FedEx (i.e. delayed in transit), the relevant destination’s customs authority, or even the customer if they delay in paying FedEx any of the customs importation charges that the customs authority may apply.
  • FedEx will contact the customer using the telephone number we provide them, in order to collect any monies related to the national customs authority’s charges that may apply.
  • Please note - The goods will be held in the FedEx warehouse until all charges imposed by the national customs authority have been settled. Only then will delivery via FedEx takes place from the FedEx warehouse to the final shipping address.


  • National Importation Customs Authority Charges - These can differ per country due to international agreements, but if you wish to have the HS Commodity code and product value in advance of placing your order we can provide this. Then, you can contact your local customs authority and provide this information, and they may be able to provide an estimate of charges (i.e. Import Duty, Taxes, Admin, etc.), or you can look online for further details.
  • Average importation charges – For certain countries whose administration falls outside known legal or acceptable boundaries for customs importation, we recommend the customer work with a local “agent” in-country who will “facilitate” the importation.