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VPTCP Telescopic Camera Pole Features:

  • 6m 8m 10m 13m camera pole options
  • 4 series poles for each length: CE, ME, HE Pro, from cost-effective to high-end camera pole
  • Standard accessories: Heavy-duty aluminum tripod, smartphone or tablet holder
  • 1/4” and 3/8” camera mount, suitable all cameras and camcorders
  • Only one person can complete the installation of the entire telescopic camera pole and tripod in 1~ 2 minutes, lighter, faster and easier to be handled than metal masts
  • Worldwide shipping Via FedEx
  • 1 - Year Warranty

Difference for Different Series Camera Poles:

Series Material Strength Weight Price
CE 100% Fiberglass Good Strength Light Cost-effective
ME Carbon Fiber Composites High Strength Lighter Economical
HE Pro 100% Carbon Fiber Lightest and Strongest Lightest A Bit Expensive